We are MDCPS Parents.

We are a parent-driven advocacy group created for parents with students in any grade, in any school, within the Miami-Dade County Public School District. Parents need a strong collective voice.

We believe parents need better communication from the District, and to be informed and engaged in the decision making process. We are currently focused on informing parents of important decisions affecting how in school fall 2021 classes will be conducted, what COVID protocols will be in place, and available online programs.

Past Priorities

  1. Spring 2021 Standardized Testing: Ideally all Federal/State and District testing mandates would be waived, however, we also encourage support for Florida State Bill 886/House Bill 359 which waives the accountability associated with the testing mandates.
  2. MSO (My School Online): We started our group out of frustration with the unreliability and ineffectiveness of the MSO k12 online learning platform launched in August 2020. We were thrilled with the unanimous School Board decision on Sept 10, 2020 to sever ties with k12. However, there was no communication to teachers or parents about the transition! Continuing MSO concerns included:
    • Age appropriateness of required screen time (particularly for younger students)
    • Lack of appropriate teacher preparation/training
    • Lack of resources (workbooks, textbooks, printed materials)
    • Lack of services/support/resources available to students with exceptionalities
    • Lack of a District wide learning management system and consistent use of learning and communication tools
  3. Schoolhouse Model Communication: The last parent survey was provided in July 2020. Circumstances then changed and parents needed additional information from the District to make an informed decision on the best model for their child(ren) :
    • Classroom expectations related to teaching and learning in the Schoolhouse Model
    • Student device requirements, use and screen time
    • Air filtration, cleaning and sanitation protocols
    • Contact tracing and protocols for exposure

Our Founder

Amanda Prieto is a parent to 2 children currently enrolled in MDCPS. In Fall 2020, Amanda felt compelled to start a grassroots group focused on improving the online experience for parents and students. As the group grew, it quickly evolved to include wider education related goals and priorities affecting any parent, and any learning model within MDCPS. This parent-driven advocacy group is focused on encouraging parents to be informed and engaged in MDCPS decision making, processes and systems affecting our students.

Amanda has over 20 years experience in instructional technology including developing online programs and curriculum as well as teaching graduate level technology and research methods classes in online, face-to-face and hybrid formats. Amanda earned her Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership from St. John’s University in New York City.